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LOMA has been one of Thailand's first fiberglass manufacturers since 1990. We have developed waterslides for a number of high-profile hotels and have earned the trust of numerous large construction companies. Our product is well-known not only in Thailand, but also in other Asian countries. Our reputation as one of the leading waterslide manufacturers in Southeast Asia is based on quality and trust. As a result, we will make certain that our customers only acquire the greatest quality.




We couldn't agree more that a lot of products prioritize quality, particularly when it comes to composite materials. Fiberglass is one of the products whose quality is highly variable because it depends so much on the raw materials and manufacturing process.


LOMA has spent 30 years researching and developing their product, and as a result, we have developed one of the greatest fiberglass characteristics that make their product safe and enjoyable for everyone to play with.  


Rust - Free

Although fiberglass is a rust-free composite material, rust often can occur from the metal components of a waterslide's structure. LOMA took these issues seriously and successfully produced a specific form of fiberglass that can be used as a structure for our water slide and water play, significantly increasing the durability and safety of the waterslide.


One of the most crucial considerations for any waterslide is safety. LOMA always puts the safety of the players first. We constructed the waterslide so that everyone can play and enjoy themselves without worry.



Placing a water slide can be complicated in many ways since numerous factors come into play. LOMA has manufactured water slides for numerous hotels in Thailand and other Asian countries. We custom-designed our water slide for any specific area to maximize its benefits.


Our waterslide has a one-of-a-kind design that is entirely compatible with anyone who wants to play. We place a significant value on providing the best experience possible for all genders and ages. LOMA water slides are built in such a way that the force from impact and friction is nearly nearly zero.

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