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Water Slide


Fast installation, for small space and kid playground  

Please contact us for a price and promotion

Average Price

50,000 - 130,000 THB

1,300   - 4000       USD

Made to order

Uniqueness is a key component in creating a memorable and distinctive environment. Since they were developed specifically for you and you alone, these waterslides are unforgettable.

Average Price

Diameter 60 cm :  1,400    - 1600         USD/meter

                                   48,000 -  50,000     THB/meter

Diameter 90 cm :  1,700    -  2,000       USD/meter

                                   55,000 -  60,000     THB/meter

​* The price shown is just an example; it may be lower or higher depending on other factors such as location and difficulty.

* Please contact us for additional information and promotions.

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